dBpoweramp Music Converter 2024.04.01 Reference リリース

非常に多くの対応フォーマットにしたオーディオコンバーター。各種音声ファイルを、右クリックメニュー等から簡単に相互変換できるようにしてくれます。対応しているフォーマットは、CD / wav / wma / mp3 / aac / mp4 / m4a / m4b / flac / fla / ape / ogg / wv / tta / ac3 / mid / mpc / mp+ / mpp / spx / ofr / aiff / shn … 等々。wmv / mp4 / flv / mkv 等の動画ファイルから、音声のみを抽出する機能も付いています。
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dBpoweramp Music Converter 2024.04.01 Reference

Version 2024.04.01
Released Apr 1, 2024

Noteworthy changes / Bug fixes

FLAC encoder, limits to 655350Hz, returns an error message if source more than this

Opus updated to 1.5.1

Overwrite page:
automatically tracks which files exist and shown in red, extension shown also.
‘No to All’ renamed ‘Skip existing’ and the button will disable if no files are being overwritten (after renaming)
Overwrite (x) shows how many are being overwritten
also the headers autosize when size window, so extension always shows on edge
detects also later encoded files which would overwrite files which are being written during conversion
‘Overwrite’ button changes to ‘Convert’ if no files are being overwritten

Right click folder >> Batch Convert, Batch Edit Tags set also by Placement option (Windows 11+)

if a file ‘NoRegCheck.bin’ is placed in the same folder as dBpoweramp programs, it disables the update check and registration code entry.

dMC DSP Volume Normalize: redesigned page, for EBU it allows editing of the reference target level, also added a new option ‘Reduce if above’ which is ideal for using with floating point and reducing to a desired final dB value

ID Tag Editor – ALT + Right Arrow to move to next file, ALT + Left Arrow to previous file

CD Ripper – if already had ripped CD and try again, but cancel at overwrite page, then would show the ripping results, even though did not rip
CD Ripper – if internet access is disabled and no metadata then says so on Metadata info tip, also the Manual Search page is not shown
CD Ripper – Speed up of metadata lookup when servers are down
CD Ripper – Manual Metadata review, remembers the last position, even if dragged to other monitor, or resized for next showing, note resets to default position on CD ripper restart

Control Centre – disabling access to the internet shows a warning message about CD Ripper having no metadata

Wavpack DSD Encoding enabled