Notepad++ 8.6.5 リリース

Notepad++は、Windowsで動作するフリーなテキストエディタである。Stack Overflowが毎年実施している人気調査によれば、2015年で1位、2021年で3位と上位に位置している。
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Notepad++ 8.6.5

Version 8.6.5
Released Mar 30, 2024

  1. Fix “Replace All” action not notifying plugins of modification regression by adding NPPN_GLOBALMODIFIED. (Fix #14767, see NPPN_GLOBALMODIFIED how to)
  2. Fix plugins not receiving some Scintilla notification types regression. (Fix issue)
  3. Fix Shortcut Mapper pontential crash problem. (Implement #14880)
  4. Fix period backup pontential crash due to the dead lock. (Fix #14906)
  5. Fix NUL characters file corruption after power outrages. (Fix #6133, implement #14860)
  6. Remedy losing session problem after the power outrages. (Fix #14781, implement #14858)
  7. Fix URLs are not detected after a “Replace All” regression. (Fix #14864)
  8. Notify user while saving failure due to hardware problem. (Implement #14842)
  9. Update to scintilla 5.4.3 (from 5.4.1) & Lexilla 5.3.1. (Implement #14834)
  10. Support template literal (template strings) in JavaScript & make `back-quoted strings` more readable. (Fix #3822)
  11. Add support for Change History in the text, besides in the margin. Also, make Change History color configurable. (Fix #12321#13915, Implement #14838)
  12. Fix NPPM_RELOADFILE API return wrong result issue. (Fix issue)
  13. Enhance Shortcut Mapper filter to find the command items more easily. (Fix #14743)
  14. Prevent typing control characters into document & make it optional. (Fix #13279)
  15. Fix possible no-GUI state when using systray. (Fix #14777)
  16. Make context menu popup location at current text position when invoked via keyboard. (Fix #14727)
  17. Fix Notepad++ blocked when closed minimized or from systray. (Fix #14718)
  18. Fix Mouse Wheel Scrolling in Shortcut Mapper & reduce also the memory use. (Fix #14895)
  19. Fix Python wrong decorator attribute colors & add “ATTRIBUTE” color in styles.xml.model. (Fix #5894)