Topaz Photo AI 2.4.3 リリース

Topaz Photo AIは写真のノイズ除去・シャープネスの向上・解像度アップを人工知能が自動的に行う画像処理ソフトです。
ファッション雑誌No.1 宝島社公式通販サイト『宝島チャンネル』

Topaz Photo AI 2.4.3

Version 2.4.3
Released Mar 28, 2024

  • Added enable/disable toggles for enhancements
  • Added processing for entire enhancement history
  • Added preference for adjusting preview area when upscaling
  • Added support for exporting images from Fuji X100VI cameras
  • Improved large batch upload speeds significantly
  • Fixed in-app installer not working on Windows
  • Fixed crashing occurring at the end of exports
  • Fixed issues when using “Apply Current Settings” with Upscale
  • Fixed broken Help Guide link on welcome screen
  • Fixed plugin dimensions dialog showing incorrect data
  • Fixed right click menu redirecting to wrong preference page
  • Automatic Lensfun Update