calibre 7.7.0 リリース

ファッション雑誌No.1 宝島社公式通販サイト『宝島チャンネル』

calibre 7.7.0

Version 7.7.0
Released Mar 14, 2024

Noteworthy changes / Bug fixes

New features

  • Trim image: Allow specifying the size of the trim rectangle using numbers

    Closes tickets: 2056116

  • Full text search: Allow pressing Ctrl+S to select the current book in the calibre book list

    Closes tickets: 2056664

  • Speed up scrolling through the book list book-by-book by only redrawing the book details panel when scrolling pauses
  • Add a tweak under Preferences->Tweaks to set the first day of the week in popup calendars used to input dates

Bug fixes

  • CHM Input: Handle CHM files with no HHC Table of Contents

    Closes tickets: 2056470

  • E-book viewer: Fix a few settings such as pages per screen and header/footers not being saved in profiles
  • Full text search: Ignore text inside <ruby> tags when indexing books

    Closes tickets: 2056614

  • DOCX Output: Preserve spaces around soft hyphens
  • Book details popup: Copy the original cover image to the clipboard even when the image is rescaled to fit into view
  • Fix changing disabled colors in the UI color palette overriding non-disabled colors
  • Content server: Fix deletion of viewer profiles not working

Improved news sources

  • LiveMint
  • Bloomberg
  • Natural Geographic
  • MIT Technology Review
  • NY Review of Books
  • Scientific American