AIMP 5.30.2540 リリース

ファッション雑誌No.1 宝島社公式通販サイト『宝島チャンネル』

AIMP 5.30.2540

Version 5.30.2540
Released Feb 29, 2024

Noteworthy changes / Bug fixes

Sound Engine: AC3 codec support has been added for MKA container

Playlist: M3U – support for #EXTGRP tag

Playlist: XSPF – support for the “Annotation” and the “Info” fields

General: localizations has been updated

Player: CUE sheets catching algorithm has been improved

Player: hotkeys editor’s usability has been improved

Playlist: XSPF – improve relative paths generation

Tag Editor: unknown fields – an ability to delete all at once

Tag Editor: improve performance of batch editing of links to radio stations

Fixed: audio converter – FLAC / OGG – data from the Key and Catalog tag fields are not transfered to output file

Fixed: sound engine – WavPack – always decoded in 16-bit mode

Fixed: sound engine – WASAPI Shared – an error occurs on attempt to initialize Xonar U5 with Sonic Studio under Windows 11

Fixed: sound engine – WASAPI Shared – unable to recognize 32-bit float sample format

Fixed: internet radio – playback of high-res lossless streams is unstable

Fixed: playlist – the “send to” command is unavailable for virtual files (regression 5.30)

Fixed: playlist – XSPF – url-encoded utf8-paths cannot be resolved

Fixed: tag editor – few minor issues when operate with chapters in ID3v2

Fixed: skin engine – TASETabControl – scrolling during dragging does not work (regression 5.30)

Fixed: music library – flash drive files are deleted from the database during synchronization at app startup if drive letter is changed

Fixed: plugins – inputFFmpeg – unable to rewind the track if it has reached the end

Fixed: other minor issues