Moho Pro 14.1 Build 20231027 リリース

Mohoは、Smith Micro Softwareが開発されたプロフェッショナルな用途にも使える2Dアニメーション制作ソフト。
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Moho Pro 14.1 Build 20231027

Version 14.1 Build 20231027
Released Nov 7, 2023

  • Added an option to show/hide handles in the Curvature tool.
  • Support for the Shaded and Halo shape effects in editing mode.
  • Live Project Settings pixelation effect .
  • Fixed some smart bone evaluation bugs.
  • Improvements to Preview Animation – increased resolution, and hide the project output border
  • Improvements to modeless dialog support for Lua scripts.
  • Improvements to image quality in the editing view.
  • If only a single document is open, the window title bar will reflect if that document hasn’t been saved.
  • Fixed a bug with sub-frame motion blur and bone dynamics.
  • Fixed certain glitches with bezier handles with very small (near zero-length) handles.
  • Fixed some render issues with the Add blending mode.
  • New layer blend mode called “PSD Linear Dodge (Add)” for better compatibility with Photoshop.
  • Fixed problems with previewing transparent gradients.
  • Fixes to eyedropper tool.
  • Assorted bug fixes.
  • And much more!