Araxis Merge 2023.5954 リリース

Araxis Merge は視覚的にファイル・フォルダーの差分抽出(diff)、統合(マージ)を行うアプリケーションです。差分抽出精度の高さ、処理速度の速さにより、ユーザー様に高い信頼をいただいています。ご使用用途は、ソース コード、Web ページ、その他のテキスト ファイルとこれを含むフォルダーのバージョン管理作業をはじめ、翻訳やソフトウエアのローカライゼーション時の作業対象箇所の抽出、画像比較やあらゆるファイルコピーのバイナリ比較など、多岐にわたります。対象ファイルの大きさに関わらず、高速に比較を実行し、差分の抽出作業と統合のお役に立ちます。フォルダーの同期化、コードの確認と監査の実行といった何千ものファイルを含むソース階層の処理も速やかに実現します。
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Araxis Merge 2023.5954

Version 2023.5954
Released Oct 25, 2023

Noteworthy changes / Bug fixes


  • Merge is now tested and supported on Windows 11 23H2 (2023 Update). This support replaces that for Windows 11 21H2 and Windows 10 21H2. (Merge may continue to work on the latter two platforms, but they are no longer officially tested or supported.) #6799
  • A new option, Reformat the following types of text file before they are compared, enables certain types of files (JSON files and others supported by Clang-Format, including C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, JSON, Objective-C, and Protobuf files) to be reformatted automatically when loaded into Merge. For more information, please see Automatic formatting#6760
  • On systems with sufficient memory, binary comparisons now support comparisons of files larger than 2–4 GB. #6727
  • Binary comparisons are more efficient in their use of memory than before. #6727
  • Binary and image comparisons now detect when loaded files are modified outside of Merge. The Automatically reload externally modified files setting on the ファイル比較 options page also now works for image and binary comparisons. #5680
  • The split-view folder-comparison-with-file-comparison (ファイル比較付き 2 者間比較 ) is now able to compare renamed files in the same way as file comparisons launched using the 比較を実行  button. Please see the Launching multiple file comparisons section of the ファイル比較の起動 topic. #6777
  • The Launching multiple file comparisons and Launching a file comparison for arbitrary files sections of the ファイル比較の起動 topic have been rewritten and expanded. #6777
  • More options are now provided for configuring the text antialiasing used by file comparisons. Please see the documentation for the Text antialiasing setting on the フォントと色 options page. #6781


  • Line endings have been corrected in the Japanese-language example text files supplied with Merge. #6810
  • A problem with rendering text when text antialiasing is disabled has been corrected. #6781
  • The optional folder comparison Versions column now correctly displays the product version embedded in certain executable files in addition to the file version. #6803
  • The scroll bar buttons in image comparisons now scroll images in the correct directions. #6815