Red Giant VFX Suite 2024.0 リリース

VFX Suiteは、After Effectsでリアルなビジュアルエフェクトを合成するための強力なツールセットです。Supercompを使用すると、単純に2Dレイヤーで重ねるよりも、すべてのレイヤーやシーンの要素と相互作用させることでライティングや環境エフェクトをはるかに自然な合成が行えます。Lens Distortion Matcherは、広角、魚眼、GoProなど、どんなカメラのレンズでも簡単にマッチできるので、合成する要素をショットに完璧にフィットさせることができます。VFX Suiteには、影や反射を追加するためのツールも含まれているので、プロ仕様のコンポジットを作成に必要不可欠な作業がスピーディに行えます。
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Red Giant VFX Suite 2024.0

Version 2024.0
Released Sep 13, 2023

Noteworthy changes / Bug fixes

New Features and Enhancements

  • Real Lens Flares

    • 2D + Distance: Added the ability to set the distance of the light source in Z-Space.
    • AE Light Control: You can now position and control the flare based on AE lights.
    • Ring Projection: “Red ring” (or any color) can now be added to core projection, allowing you to create cool 1970s/80s-style flares!
    • Schmutz Background Illumination: Schmutz can now be illuminated by your light source, your background, or both!
    • Draft Mode: Flares wil preview in a reduced resolution and fidelity when the layer quality switch is toggled for the layer RLF is applied to.

Bug Fixes

  • VFX-6598: RLF: Fixed an issue when Brightness was set to 0.
  • VFX-6429: RLF: Fixed an issue when the Reset button would launch the Designer in Premiere Pro.
  • VFX-6428: RLF: Fixed an issue when the Designer wasn’t properly representing the flare position on higher-resolution clips.

Known Issues

  • VFX-6598: RLF: AE Crashes when entering non-Latin characters into the Light Naming dialog box.
  • VFX-6591: RLF: Non-square pixel aspect ratios render AE light-controlled flares incorrectly.
  • VFX-6588: Shadow: Axis is misaligned if the AE’s preview resolution is set to less than Full.
  • VFX-6587: Chromatic Displacement may produce black frames while scrubbing the timeline in AE.
  • VFX-6283: Supercomp panel unable to add layers with non-Latin characters.