Topaz Photo AI 2.0.0 リリース

Topaz Photo AIは写真のノイズ除去・シャープネスの向上・解像度アップを人工知能が自動的に行う画像処理ソフトです。
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Topaz Photo AI 2.0.0

Version 2.0.0
Released Sep 7, 2023

Noteworthy changes / Bug fixes

  • Changes since 1.5.4:
    • Added v2 of the Sharpen Standard model
    • Added v2 of the Remove Noise RAW models
      • Fixed tiling artifacts
    • Added Adjust Lighting enhancement
    • Added Balance Color enhancement
    • Added automate plugin for Photoshop, which allows for cropping and upscaling
      • Access the plugin within Photoshop by going to File > Automate > Topaz Photo AI
    • Added many new configuration options over how Autopilot works
    • Added new panel displaying the status of Autopilot
      • Hover over the status bar to review the completed steps
    • Updated design of the different panels of the app
    • Updated status bar and autopilot section to use less space
    • Updated design of sliders
    • Fixed right panel scroll position not resetting when switching images
    • Fixed inconsistent behavior regarding the enhancement being collapsed or not when toggling on by clicking the label (not the switch)
    • Fixed some Panasonic & Minolta images having incorrect orientation
    • Fixed some Sony images having incorrect orientation on export
    • Fixed some exported non-RAW files opening in Camera RAW
    • Fixed noise levels sometimes being “undefined” in Remove Noise tooltip
    • Fixed crash when detecting faces
    • Fixed Autopilot not enabling Remove Noise when it should
    • File size estimates are now cached
    • Improved performance when opening many images at once
    • Updated lensfun

    Known Issues:

    • The Adjust Lighting and Balance Color enhancements may produce poor results when exporting as DNG