XYplorer 24.80.0000 リリース

XYplorerは、Windows XP、Vista、7、8、10、および11用のファイルマネージャーです。XYplorerは、ナビゲーションおよびオーソドックスなファイルマネージャーにある機能を組み合わせたハイブリッドファイルマネージャーです。
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XYplorer 24.80.0000

Version 24.80.0000
Released Aug 9, 2023

Noteworthy changes / Bug fixes

  • Tree Section Colors. Optional custom text and background colors for different sections of the tree help you find your branch in a huge tree and instantly recognize where you are. It’s all about quick orientation.
  • Quickly Select the Item. You can now toggle item selection in the file list by Ctrl+left-clicking any cell in the row, even if Full Row Select is off. This makes it easier to select (deselect) items in a very wide list, especially when the Name column is scrolled to the left out of view.
  • Quickly Spot the Name. You can now hold CTRL while hovering over any cell other than the Name cell and a tooltip will show the name of the item. Quite useful if that name is currently scrolled to the left out of view.
  • Expansion Icon Chevron. A new expansion icon, the Chevron, is now available for the folder tree. It’s also the new factory default.
  • Many Other Improvements. See change log.