Adobe Media Encoder 2023 リリース

Adobe Media Encoder は、Adobe Premiere Pro、Adobe After Effects、Adobe Audition、Adobe Character Animator および Adobe Prelude のエンコーディングエンジンとして機能します。Adobe Media Encoder をスタンドアロンのエンコーダーとして使用することもできます。
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Adobe Media Encoder 2023

Released Aug 9, 2023

Noteworthy changes / Bug fixes

  • Crash on launch if access to folders on MacOS is denied.
  • Browsing files in Media Browser writes XMP for text files.
  • Uploads to Vimeo could fail.
  • Adobe Media Encoder throws many errors for destructing a listener on a thread other than the main thread.
  • Several memory management-related crashers lead to throw errors.
  • Import of Premiere Project with offline media doesn’t get an offline warning.
  • The name of export effect “Name Overlay,” changed to “Text Overlay” to indicate that options other than filename are available.
  • Installing unrelated font canceling the current encoding.
  • The “YouTube Terms of Use” Button isn’t available.
  • System Preset Icon for Stock Presets is missing.
  • Missing fonts warning when importing sequences natively with custom fonts.
  • MXF files from a few cameras like Panasonic VariCam LT could show half green frame on monitor and thumbnails.
  • The system could get into a state where CPU resources were low after decoding MXF OP1a AVC-Intra media.
  • Opening sequences in Media Encoder with “Import sequences natively” disabled resulted in clips with embedded captions displayed as Media Offline.
  • When opening a Premiere Pro sequence that uses audio effects or third-party plugins in Media Encoder, Caption options would not be displayed, and captions would always be burned in.