Araxis Merge 2023.5916 リリース

Araxis Merge は視覚的にファイル・フォルダーの差分抽出(diff)、統合(マージ)を行うアプリケーションです。差分抽出精度の高さ、処理速度の速さにより、ユーザー様に高い信頼をいただいています。ご使用用途は、ソース コード、Web ページ、その他のテキスト ファイルとこれを含むフォルダーのバージョン管理作業をはじめ、翻訳やソフトウエアのローカライゼーション時の作業対象箇所の抽出、画像比較やあらゆるファイルコピーのバイナリ比較など、多岐にわたります。対象ファイルの大きさに関わらず、高速に比較を実行し、差分の抽出作業と統合のお役に立ちます。フォルダーの同期化、コードの確認と監査の実行といった何千ものファイルを含むソース階層の処理も速やかに実現します。
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Araxis Merge 2023.5916

Version 2023.5916
Released July 17, 2023

Noteworthy changes / Bug fixes


  • The ファイル比較 page has a new Automatically show the first change when reloading files option. When unchecked, Merge will endeavour to preserve the current scroll position when reloading files. #6768#6773
  • Character and Word line-wrapping options are now available as quick-access commands#6739
  • New WhitespaceOpacity and LineEndingOpacity Windows Registry settings under the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Araxis\Merge\7.1 define the opacity of whitespace and line-ending characters (if they are shown). These settings can be used to adjust the prominence of those characters relative to normal text. Both properties take values in the range 0255, where 0 is fully transparent and 255 fully opaque. WhitespaceOpacity defaults to 96, and LineEndingOpacity to 255#6754
  • A new LineEndingScale Windows Registry setting under the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Araxis\Merge\7.1 defines the percentage scaling (relative to the size of the font for unchanged text) at which line-ending CR and LF characters are drawn. This is useful for enlarging line-ending characters when the configured font has very small CR and LF glyphs. (Rather than scaling the line-ending characters, it is generally preferable to use a font with clearer CR and LF glyphs. The Cascadia Code font, bundled with Windows 11 and Windows Terminal, is an example of such a font.) #6744
  • A new FAQ entry has been added to describe how to make Merge work with files and folders that have very long paths#6741
  • The Merge .NET assembly now supports .NET 6 and .NET 7. Support for earlier .NET frameworks is deprecated. #6746
  • The Merge .NET assembly has been enhanced to use the same line-hashing strategy as Merge itself. This may result in improved performance for some comparisons. #6758
  • The obsolete AraxisGitDiff.exe and AraxisGitMerge.exe utilities have been removed. These have not been required for integrating with Git for a very long time. #6738
  • Merge and its documentation have been updated to reflect the renaming by Microsoft of Windows Explorer to File Explorer. #6772#6774
  • The FAQ entry on Linux has been updated to reflect customer experience that recent versions of Merge no longer seem to work under Wine. #6770
  • The subset of the OpenJDK Java Runtime Environment bundled with Merge has been upgraded to the Adoptium Eclipse Temurin OpenJDK Temurin-17.0.7+7. #6750


  • Inappropriate keyboard shortcuts are no longer shown in the tooltips of quick-access commands#6740
  • Formatting a file as XML once again results in proper indentation. #6742
  • Swapping folder comparison panes that have titles now also swaps those titles. #6769