Opera 100.0.4815.30 リリース

Opera(オペラ)は、中国の奇虎360傘下であるノルウェーのソフトウェア開発会社、オペラ・ソフトウェア (Opera Software ASA) によって開発されているウェブブラウザである。法人としてのオペラ・ソフトウェアは、2016年7月、中国の奇虎360に6億米ドルで売却され同社の傘下に入った。
ファッション雑誌No.1 宝島社公式通販サイト『宝島チャンネル』

Opera 100.0.4815.30

Version 100.0.4815.30
Released June 29, 2023

Noteworthy changes / Bug fixes

  • CHR-9339 Update Chromium on desktop-stable-114-4815 to 114.0.5735.199
  • DNA-106986 [Tab strip][Tab islands] Reduce size of tab island handle
  • DNA-107205 Disable banner on fresh installation “Back up your Opera Browser”
  • DNA-107306 Update Contributors list Opera One
  • DNA-107337 NotReached in Browser::CloseContents
  • DNA-107673 Crash at static void opera::ComponentTabStripController::ShowHoverCardForGroup()
  • DNA-108461 Distribute Aria with the Opera build
  • DNA-108487 [Mac] Fix accessibility tree usage for context menu
  • DNA-108540 [Rich Hints] Tab islands – a trigger and anchor
  • DNA-108545 Track accelerated video decoding support
  • DNA-108606 [Mac] Opening context menu closes subfolders menu on bookmark bar
  • DNA-108645 [macOS] Change Opera installer icon for stable
  • DNA-108648 [macOS] Change Opera application icon for Stable
  • DNA-108664 Set minimum and maximum width for Aria extension
  • DNA-108702 Tab falls outside island with specific number of tabs on tab strip
  • DNA-108731 Add “aria” stat to the schema
  • DNA-108760 Record tab islands events
  • DNA-108761 Implement ‘Later’ functionality
  • DNA-108763 Implement ‘Quit while showing onboarding’
  • DNA-108806 Command Line not activated when sidebar panel is opened
  • DNA-108814 [Mac] Command line should disappear after clicking mouse outside of it
  • DNA-108858 [Linux] Browser window corners are not rounded perfectly
  • DNA-108863 Sidebar panel isn’t properly aligned with sidebar
  • DNA-108882 [Icon change] Sync icon without custom image
  • DNA-108893 Promote 100 to stable
  • DNA-108897 [Mac][Light mode] Sidebar panel window background color is white
  • DNA-108898 [Autohide] Sidebar panel title bar is not tall enough
  • DNA-108900 [Mac][Normal mode] Sidebar panel position does not align with sidebar
  • DNA-108903 [Context menu][Mac] Highlights of workspace icons are not center aligned
  • DNA-108906 Turn on #component-based-context-menu on all streams
  • DNA-108907 Empty text (button inactive) button color is wrong
  • DNA-108912 Implement rotating animation for Aria command line
  • DNA-108913 [Mac] Traffic lights visible in video call popout
  • DNA-108921 Enable #opera-one-introduction on all streams
  • DNA-108925 [Mac] Hover for menu-sidebar and new chat icons are moved to the right after opening the browser
  • DNA-108928 Show overlay only if command-line parameter was given
  • DNA-108929 [Win][Installer] Pass –show-intro-overlay command-line parameter when starting Opera from installer
  • DNA-108930 [Mac][Installer] Pass –show-intro-overlay command-line parameter when starting Opera from installer
  • DNA-108933 Update repack script to handle introduction extension
  • DNA-108938 Translations for O100
  • DNA-108942 Remove Shopping Corner from the sidebar by default
  • DNA-108943 Crash at opera::AriaCommandLineController::~AriaCommandLineController()
  • DNA-108949 Make opera://intro display introduction page from extension
  • DNA-108952 Implement splash screen
  • DNA-108955 Aria extension is moved to the right after sending prompt from Command Line when sidebar is set to autohide
  • DNA-108957 Opera crashes during shutdown after opera-one-introduction hid
  • DNA-108958 Commandline disappears after clicking Aria logo on Commandline bar
  • DNA-108959 Commandline does not have hover effect on Send button
  • DNA-108980 Add Control+Shift+7 / Command+Shift+7 as alternative shortcut for Aria command line
  • DNA-108992 Opera One introduction appears in every New Window
  • DNA-109009 Crash at opera::component_based::ComponentTabGroup::UpdateTabAppearances()
  • DNA-109013 [Mac][Installer] Use Opera One installer for beta and stable
  • DNA-109021 [Stable] No Shopping corner icon in sidebar setup
  • DNA-109027 [Mac] Tab context submenu alignment issues
  • DNA-109031 [Tab islands] Island can automatically re-collapse when clicking handle button to expand it
  • DNA-109032 [Windows] Opened from Task Bar New Window/ New Private Window shows onboarding page
  • DNA-109036 [Private Mode] [Light Team] Icons in address bar flashed white when pressed
  • DNA-109037 [Private Mode][Light] Folders name are not readable in BB when highlighted
  • DNA-109085 Two separators after ‘Search with’ option
  • DNA-109091 Can’t change tab when window is maximized on second display
  • DNA-109096 “Move to workspaces” doesn’t fit all workspaces
  • DNA-109099 [WinLin] Add Aria command line to Opera menu
  • DNA-109102 [O-menu][History] Wrong layout of elements without icon in history submenu
  • DNA-109129 Crash at opera::component_based::OperaOneIntroductionAnimationController::AnimateHideVisibility()
  • DNA-109199 DCHECK when pinning tabs