Tor Browser 12.5 リリース

Tor Browser(トーアブラウザ)は、匿名化ネットワークTorを経由してインターネットへアクセスする為のオープンソースのウェブブラウザである。利用者に高度な匿名性を提供し、インターネット検閲の回避や、プライバシー保護などの目的で使われる。Tor Browserは、Torへアクセスする最も簡単な方法である。
ファッション雑誌No.1 宝島社公式通販サイト『宝島チャンネル』

Tor Browser 12.5

Version 12.5
Released June 15, 2023

Noteworthy changes / Bug fixes

All Platforms

Updated Translations
Bug 40353: Re-enable rlbox [tor-browser-build] Bug 40711: Review and expand the stakeholders we communicate major changes to [tor-browser-build] Bug 40810: Add Finnish (fi) language support [tor-browser-build] Bug 40817: Add basebrowser-incrementals-nightly makefile target [tor-browser-build] Bug 40833: base-browser nightly is using the default channel instead of nightly [tor-browser-build] Bug 40860: Improve the transition from the old fontconfig file to the new one [tor-browser-build] Bug 41066: Circuit Isolation should take containers into account [tor-browser] Bug 41351: Move the crypto protection patch earlier in the patchset [tor-browser] Bug 41428: Check if we can create our own directories for branding [tor-browser] Bug 41514: eslint broken since migrating torbutton [tor-browser] Bug 41568: Disable LaterRun [tor-browser] Bug 41599: about:networking#networkid should be normalized [tor-browser] Bug 41624: Disable unused about: pages [tor-browser] Bug 41635: Disable the Normandy component at compile time [tor-browser] Bug 41636: Disable back after ensuring NoScript settings won’t be lost [tor-browser] Bug 41647: Turn –enable-base-browser in –with-base-browser-version [tor-browser] Bug 41662: Disable about:sync-logs [tor-browser] Bug 41671: Turn to true as defense in depth against WebRTC ICE leaks [tor-browser] Bug 41689: Remove startup.homepage_override_url from Base Browser [tor-browser] Bug 41704: Immediately return on remoteSettings.pollChanges [tor-browser] Bug 41738: Replace the patch to disable live reload with its preference [tor-browser] Bug 41763: TTP-02-003 WP1: Data URI allows JS execution despite safest security level (Low) [tor-browser] Bug 41775: Avoid re-defining some macros in nsUpdateDriver.cpp [tor-browser] Bug 41818: Remove YEC 2022 strings [tor-browser]

Windows + macOS + Linux

Bug 165: Fix maximization warning x button and preference [mullvad-browser] Bug 20497: Improve support for non-portable mode [tor-browser] Bug 33298: HTTP onion sites do not give a popup warning when submitting form data to non-onion HTTP sites [tor-browser] Bug 40144: about:privatebrowsing Firefox branding [tor-browser] Bug 40347: URL bar lock icon says connection is not secure when on “view-source:[…].onion” URLs [tor-browser] Bug 40552: New texts for the add a bridge manually modal [tor-browser] Bug 40701: Improve security warning when downloading a file [tor-browser] Bug 40733: Use the new branding directories [tor-browser-build] Bug 40745: Allow customizing MOZ_APP_BASENAME [tor-browser-build] Bug 40773: Copy some documentation files only on Tor Browser [tor-browser-build] Bug 40781: Move translations to new paths [tor-browser-build] Bug 40788: Tor Browser 11.0.4-11.0.6 phoning home [tor-browser] Bug 40808: Set update URL for nightly base-browser [tor-browser-build] Bug 40811: Make testing the updater easier [tor-browser-build] Bug 40958: The number of relays displayed for an onion site can be misleading [tor-browser] Bug 41038: Update “Click to Copy” button label in circuit display [tor-browser] Bug 41080: Some users are choosing an adjacent country for circumvention settings [tor-browser] Bug 41084: Reserve red as a button color for dangerous actions [tor-browser] Bug 41085: Refactor the UI to remove all bridges [tor-browser] Bug 41093: Users don’t understand the purpose of bridge-moji [tor-browser] Bug 41109: “New circuit…” button gets cut-off when onion name wraps [tor-browser] Bug 41350: Move the implementation of Bug 19273 out of Torbutton [tor-browser] Bug 41363: Crypto warning popup is not screen reader accessible [tor-browser] Bug 41448: User ‘danger’ style for primary button in new identity modal [tor-browser] Bug 41483: Tor Browser says Firefox timed out, confusing users [tor-browser] Bug 41503: Disable restart in case of reboot and restore in case of crash [tor-browser] Bug 41521: Improve localization notes [tor-browser] Bug 41533: Page Info window for view-source:http://…onion addresses says Connection Not Encrypted [tor-browser] Bug 41540: Confusing build-id date in about:preferences in alphas [tor-browser] Bug 41562: API-triggered fullscreen after F11 causes letterboxing to crop the page [tor-browser] Bug 41577: Disable profile migration [tor-browser] Bug 41587: Disable the updater for Base Browser [tor-browser] Bug 41595: Disable pagethumbnails capturing [tor-browser] Bug 41600: Some users have difficulty finding the circuit display [tor-browser] Bug 41607: Update “New Circuit” icon [tor-browser] Bug 41608: Improve the UX of the location bar’s connection status [tor-browser] Bug 41609: Move the disabling of Firefox Home (Activity Stream) to base-browser [tor-browser] Bug 41613: Skip Drang & Drop filtering for DNS-safe URLs (no hostname, e.g. RFC3966 tel:) [tor-browser] Bug 41617: Improve the UX of the built-in bridges dialog [tor-browser] Bug 41618: Update the iconography used in the status strip in connection settings [tor-browser] Bug 41623: Update connection assist’s iconography [tor-browser] Bug 41633: Updating from 12.0.2 to 12.0.3 resets NoScript settings [tor-browser] Bug 41657: Remove –enable-tor-browser-data-outside-app-dir [tor-browser] Bug 41668: Move part of the updater patches to base browser [tor-browser] Bug 41686: Move the ‘Bug 11641: Disable remoting by default’ commit from base-browser to tor-browser [tor-browser] Bug 41695: Port warning on maximized windows without letterboxing from torbutton [tor-browser] Bug 41699: Tighten up the tor onion alias regular expression [tor-browser] Bug 41701: Reporting an extension does not work [tor-browser] Bug 41702: The connection pill needs to be centered vertically [tor-browser] Bug 41709: sendCommand should not try to send a command forever [tor-browser] Bug 41711: Race condition when opening a new window in New Identity [tor-browser] Bug 41718: Add the external filetype warning to about:downloads [tor-browser] Bug 41719: Update title and button strings in the new circuit display to sentence case [tor-browser] Bug 41725: Stray connectionPane.xhtml patch [tor-browser] Bug 41726: Animate the torconnect icon to transition between connected states [tor-browser] Bug 41734: Add a ‘Connected’ flag to indicate which built-in bridge option Tor Browser is currently using [tor-browser] Bug 41736: Customize the default CustomizableUI toolbar using CustomizableUI.jsm [tor-browser] Bug 41749: Replace the onion-glyph with dedicated icon for onion services [tor-browser] Bug 41770: Keyboard navigation broken leaving the toolbar tor circuit button [tor-browser] Bug 41775: Avoid re-defining some macros in nsUpdateDriver.cpp [tor-browser] Bug 41785: Network monitor in developer tools shows HTTP onion resources as insecure [tor-browser] Bug 41792: Drag and Drop protection prevents dragging downloads [tor-browser] Bug 41800: Add the external filetype warning to Library / Manage Bookmarks [tor-browser] Bug 41801: Fix handleProcessReady in TorSettings.init [tor-browser] Bug 41802: Bad regex used to extract transport from bridgeline [tor-browser] Bug 41810: Add “Connect” buttons to Request Bridge and Provide Bridge modals [tor-browser] Bug 41816: The top navigation in about:torconnect isn’t updated correctly [tor-browser] Bug 41841: Use the new onion-site.svg icon in the onion-location pill [tor-browser]

Windows + Linux

Bug 40714: Ship NoScript in the distribution directory also for Windows and Linux [tor-browser-build] Bug 41654: UpdateInfo jumped into Data [tor-browser]


Bug 40772: Check and fix HiDPI issues in the NSIS installer [tor-browser-build] Bug 40793: Add some metadata also to the Windows installer [tor-browser-build] Bug 40801: Correct the ExecShell for system-wide installs in the NSIS script [tor-browser-build] Bug 41459: WebRTC fails to build under mingw [tor-browser] Bug 41678: WebRTC build fix patches incorrectly defining pid_t [tor-browser]


Bug 40719: Allow non-universal macOS builds also on base-browser [tor-browser-build] Bug 41535: Remove the old, unused and undocumented “-invisible” macOS CLI flag [tor-browser]


Bug 40830: The fontconfig directory is missing in Base Browser [tor-browser-build] Bug 41163: Many bundled fonts are blocked in Ubuntu/Fedora because of RFP [tor-browser] Bug 41732: implement linux font whitelist as defense-in-depth [tor-browser]


Bug 41001: Remove remaining security slider code [tor-browser] Bug 41185: Hide learn more about sync [tor-browser] Bug 41634: Google Play incorrectly detects that is built with OpenSSL 1.1.1b [tor-browser] Bug 41667: Enable on Android for defense-in-depth [tor-browser] Bug 41677: Remove the –disable-tor-browser-update flag on Android [tor-browser]

Build System
All Platforms

Updated Go to 1.20.5
Bug 40673: Avoid building each go module separately [tor-browser-build] Bug 40679: Use the latest translations for nightly builds [tor-browser-build] Bug 40689: Update Ubuntu version from projects/mmdebstrap-image/config to 22.04.1 [tor-browser-build] Bug 40717: Create a script to prepare changelogs [tor-browser-build] Bug 40720: Update scripts to support new Build System label [tor-browser-build] Bug 40750: Find why rlbox hurts reproducibility [tor-browser-build] Bug 40751: make signtag-* needs to take project name into account [tor-browser-build] Bug 40753: We should not copy mar tools when the updater is disabled [tor-browser-build] Bug 40760: Add BSD packager contacts to release prep templates [tor-browser-build] Bug 40763: Add support for signing multiple browsers in tools/signing/nightly [tor-browser-build] Bug 40783: Update download-unsigned-sha256sums-gpg-signatures-from-people-tpo to use $projectname prefix directory [tor-browser-build] Bug 40784: Fix var_p/nightly_torbrowser_incremental_from after #40737 [tor-browser-build] Bug 40794: Include the build-id in firefox-l10n output name [tor-browser-build] Bug 40795: Trim down tor-browser-build release prep issue templates [tor-browser-build] Bug 40796: Bad UX for the changelogs script when using the issue number [tor-browser-build] Bug 40805: Define the version flag for all browsers [tor-browser-build] Bug 40807: Add config for signing base-browser nightly in tools/signing/nightly [tor-browser-build] Bug 40812: Make var/rezip in projects/firefox/config quiet [tor-browser-build] Bug 40818: Enable wasm target for rust compiler [tor-browser-build] Bug 40828: Use for jessie [tor-browser-build] Bug 40837: Rebase mullvad-browser build changes onto main [tor-browser-build] Bug 40870: Remove url without browser name from tools/signing/download-unsigned-sha256sums-gpg-signatures-from-people-tpo [tor-browser-build] Bug 41649: Create rebase and security backport gitlab issue templates [tor-browser] Bug 41682: Add base-browser nightly mar signing key [tor-browser]

Windows + macOS + Linux

Bug 33953: Provide a way for easily updating Go dependencies of projects [tor-browser-build] Bug 40713: Use the new tor-browser l10n branch in Firefox [tor-browser-build] Bug 40777: Create a Go bootstrap project [tor-browser-build] Bug 40778: Disable all translations with testbuilds in Firefox [tor-browser-build] Bug 40788: Remove all languages but en-US for privacy-browser build target [tor-browser-build] Bug 40809: Remove –enable-tor-browser-update and –enable-verify-mar from projects/firefox/mozconfig [tor-browser-build] Bug 40813: Enable var/updater_enabled for basebrowser nightly [tor-browser-build] Bug 40823: Update appname_* variables in projects/release/update_responses_config.yml [tor-browser-build] Bug 40826: Correctly set appname_marfile for basebrowser in tools/signing/nightly/update-responses-base-config.yml [tor-browser-build] Bug 40827: MAR generation uses (mostly) hard-coded MAR update channel [tor-browser-build] Bug 40841: Adapt signing scripts to new signing machines [tor-browser-build] Bug 40849: Move Go dependencies to the projects dependent on them, not as a standalone projects [tor-browser-build] Bug 40866: Remove `Using ansible to set up a nightly build machine` from README [tor-browser-build] Bug 40869: obfs4 is renamed to lyrebird [tor-browser-build]


Bug 29185: NSIS Installer not reproducible when icon has an alpha channel [tor-browser-build] Bug 40757: Change projects/browser/windows-installer/torbrowser.nsi to a template file [tor-browser-build]

Windows + macOS + Linux

Bug 40732: Review Bundle-Data and try not to ship the default profile in base browser [tor-browser-build]

Linux + Android

Bug 40653: Build compiler-rt with runtimes instead of the main LLVM build [tor-browser-build]


Bug 40792: signing scripts missing project name prefix to make rule [tor-browser-build] Bug 40798: dmg2mar step also takes care of copying the signed+stabled dmg to the signed directory [tor-browser-build] Bug 40806: Update the reference to the macOS mozconfig [tor-browser-build] Bug 40824: dmg2mar script using hardcoded project names for paths [tor-browser-build] Bug 40847: Build filesystem influences the DMG creation [tor-browser-build] Bug 40858: Create script to assist testers self sign Mac builds to allow running on Arm processors [tor-browser-build] Bug 41453: Rename mozconfig-macos-x86_64 to mozconfig-macos [tor-browser]


Bug 40738: Update Android git hashes templates [tor-browser-build] Bug 40874: Add commit information also to GV [tor-browser-build] Bug 41684: Android improvements for local dev builds [tor-browser]