Tor Browser 12.0.4 リリース

Tor Browser(トーアブラウザ)は、匿名化ネットワークTorを経由してインターネットへアクセスする為のオープンソースのウェブブラウザである。利用者に高度な匿名性を提供し、インターネット検閲の回避や、プライバシー保護などの目的で使われる。Tor Browserは、Torへアクセスする最も簡単な方法である。
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Tor Browser 12.0.4

Version 12.0.4
Released Mar 13, 2023

Noteworthy changes / Bug fixes

All Platforms

Updated Translations
Updated NoScript to 11.4.18
Bug 41598: Prevent NoScript from being removed / disabled until core functionality has been migrated to Tor Browser [tor-browser] Bug 41603: Customize the creation of MOZ_SOURCE_URL [tor-browser] Bug 41627: Enable network.http.referer.hideOnionSource in base-browser [tor-browser] Bug 41637: cherry-pick Mozilla 1814416: Generalize the app name in about:buildconfig. r=ahochheiden [tor-browser] Bug 41659: Add canonical color definitions to base-browser [tor-browser] Bug 41669: Rebase Tor Browser stable to 102.9.0esr [tor-browser]

Windows + macOS + Linux

Updated Firefox to 102.9esr
Bug 41542: Disable the creation of a default profile [tor-browser] Bug 41574: Use –warning-color variable for the “Custom” label in the security level popup. [tor-browser] Bug 41606: Move the changes to the hamburger menu out of the Torbutton commit [tor-browser] Bug 41626: Bridge-emojii tooltips not localized in ES locale [tor-browser]


Updated GeckoView to 102.9esr
Bug 41679: Backport Android-specific security fixes from Firefox 111 to ESR 102.9-based Tor Browser [tor-browser]

Build System
All Platforms

Updated Go to 1.19.7
Bug 40764: Embed repo URL and git revision in Firefox [tor-browser-build] Bug 40782: Update tools/signing/download-unsigned-sha256sums-gpg-signatures-from-people-tpo to fetch from tb-build-04 and tb-build-05 [tor-browser-build]


Bug 40790: Fix dmg2mar after dmg changes from #28124 [tor-browser-build] Bug 40791: tools/dmg2mar should exit with an error when there is an error creating the mar file [tor-browser-build]


Bug 40789: Broken mirror links for glean: link 404 for version 5.0.1 hosted at aguestuser’s tor people storage [tor-browser-build]