Araxis Merge 2023.5848 リリース

Araxis Merge は視覚的にファイル・フォルダーの差分抽出(diff)、統合(マージ)を行うアプリケーションです。差分抽出精度の高さ、処理速度の速さにより、ユーザー様に高い信頼をいただいています。ご使用用途は、ソース コード、Web ページ、その他のテキスト ファイルとこれを含むフォルダーのバージョン管理作業をはじめ、翻訳やソフトウエアのローカライゼーション時の作業対象箇所の抽出、画像比較やあらゆるファイルコピーのバイナリ比較など、多岐にわたります。対象ファイルの大きさに関わらず、高速に比較を実行し、差分の抽出作業と統合のお役に立ちます。フォルダーの同期化、コードの確認と監査の実行といった何千ものファイルを含むソース階層の処理も速やかに実現します。
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Araxis Merge 2023.5848

Version 2023.5848
Released Jan 30, 2023

Noteworthy changes / Bug fixes


  • A new facility makes it possible to prevent folder comparisons from overloading a file storage device or service (e.g. a cloud-based datastore such as Microsoft OneDrive). For more information, see the FAQ item#6529
  • The command-line Compare.exe utility has been enhanced to enable improved integration of Araxis Merge with Android Studio and various JetBrains IDEs. The corresponding instructions for integrating Merge with those IDEs have been updated accordingly. #6618
  • The コマンド ライン リファレンス has been completely reworked. #6657
  • When invoked with the /? or /h option, the command-line Compare.exe and ConsoleCompare.exe utilities now open the コマンド ライン リファレンス in a web browser. #6631
  • Folder comparison results lists now update much more efficiently for large folder comparisons, thereby improving user-interface responsiveness. #6631
  • The various comparison layout ribbon commands (2 者間比較(上下) 2 者間比較(左右) ファイル比較付き 2 者間比較 3 者間比較(上下) 3 者間比較(左右) , and ファイル比較付き 3 者間比較 ) may now be added to the window caption as quick-access items. #6634
  • The text comparison line-detail panel now has a context menu for text manipulation commands. The ribbon 切り取り コピー 貼り付け , and すべてのテキストを選択  commands now operate on the line-detail panel when it has context. #6562
  • Two new items have been added to the 外部  ribbon menu: Run program on current file… and Run program directly on current file…. This makes the pre-existing keyboard shortcuts for these commands (Shift+F9 and F9, respectively) discoverable via the user interface. #6555
  • The documentation screenshots and instant overviews have been updated. #2641
  • The subset of the OpenJDK Java Runtime Environment bundled with Merge has been upgraded to the Adoptium Eclipse Temurin OpenJDK Temurin-17.0.5+8. #6628
  • The libarchive library used by Merge has been updated to version 3.6.1. #6645
  • The libpng library used by Merge has been updated version 1.6.38. #6646
  • The liblzma library used by Merge has been updated to that provided by XZ Utils version 5.2.8. #6647
  • The zlib library used by Merge has been updated version 1.2.13. #6648
  • The Merge major version number has been updated to 2023 to reflect the year of release. Copyright notices have been updated accordingly. #6659


  • Rows in a folder comparison now update correctly following a Swap panes  operation. #6702
  • The Ctrl+F1 shortcut now correctly hides and shows the ribbon in folder comparisons. #6291
  • HTML reports once again correctly highlight changes for comparisons where a file is not present in one of the panes. #6598
  • The line-detail pane now correctly shows at most one concealed-change indicator for a given line. #6649
  • Line wrapping is now always disabled in the line-detail pane. #6649
  • Cancelling a long-running binary comparison can no longer result in a crash. #6661
  • A crash caused by the 検索 置換 Replace all command in certain circumstances no longer occurs. #6651
  • It is now possible to replace text within a single-line selection. Previously, replacing text within a selection was possible only when the selection spanned two or more lines. #6651
  • Finding or replacing a string within the current selection will now only find or replace text that is entirely within the selection. #6651