JRiver Media Center 30.0.48 リリース

「JRiver Media Center」は、オーディオ技術者も認める高音質なメディアプレーヤーです。
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JRiver Media Center 30.0.48

Version 30.0.48
Released Jan 10, 2023

Noteworthy changes / Bug fixes

1. Fixed: The start time column was not correct for sunrise or sunset scheduled tasks.
2. Fixed: The “Link To Playlist” menu would draw & characters in playlist names as underlines.
3. Fixed: “Get Movies & TV Info” failed to save cover art image if the file has a long path.
4. Changed: If XMLTV file specifies that a TV program is a “series”, but does not provide a series name in addition to an episode name, the episode name will be copied into “Series” field, instead of leaving it empty.
5. Changed: When running “Get Movie & TV Info” tool, a TV Show that has no Series name but its Keywords field contains the word “Series”, the show name will be copied into “Series” field so that “Get Movie & TV Info” can proceed.
6. Fixed: Locate > On Disk (external) did not work if the file has a long path.
7. Fixed: PostData was being discarded when cross platform databases were being used. This resulted in being unable to play SACD tracks > track 1 when a client and server MC instance were not of the same OS when one of the OS is Windows.
8. Changed: When showing out of Media Server mode, the startup view is shown (use Last Location to make no changes).
9. Fixed: Cover Art > Paste From Clipboard (Image or URL) did not work when pasting an URL if the file path is long.
10. Changed: Updated the program copyrights to 2023.
11. Fixed: Cover Art > Remove Cover Art could fail to delete the image from disk if the file has a long path.