Opera 94.0.4606.65 リリース

Opera(オペラ)は、中国の奇虎360傘下であるノルウェーのソフトウェア開発会社、オペラ・ソフトウェア (Opera Software ASA) によって開発されているウェブブラウザである。法人としてのオペラ・ソフトウェアは、2016年7月、中国の奇虎360に6億米ドルで売却され同社の傘下に入った。
ファッション雑誌No.1 宝島社公式通販サイト『宝島チャンネル』

Opera 94.0.4606.65

Version 94.0.4606.65
Released Jan 12, 2023

Noteworthy changes / Bug fixes

  • DNA-102726 [SD][Folder] When trying to drop SD from folder back to folder, new folder is created
  • DNA-102730 [SD][Add to Opera] Remove strip at the top of modal and move ‘x’ button to be in line with ‘Add to Opera’ text
  • DNA-102732 [SD][Folders] Add option to merge folders by drag and drop
  • DNA-102747 [SD][Folders] Empty SD folder is not visible
  • DNA-102763 [SD] Animate changing between Use bigger tiles on and off
  • DNA-102847 [SD][Folders] SD displayed on folder tile should be aligned to left
  • DNA-102855 [SD] Add SD by drag and dropping link
  • DNA-102882 [SD][News][Continue on][Suggestion] Do not focus on opened page when opening in new tab
  • DNA-102936 [News Categories] Categories become invisible after minimizing browser window
  • DNA-102988 [News categories] Only games category displayed after changing browser language
  • DNA-103000 [News Categories] Selected categories not saved after restarting browser
  • DNA-103001 [News Categories] ‘x’ button invisible in ‘Choose language and country’ on light theme
  • DNA-103002 [News Categories] Changes in ‘Choose language and country’ modal not saved on esc or clicking outside of modal
  • DNA-103015 [News locales] Pref startpage.news_locales udated only when close/done the moda, initial value not set
  • DNA-103097 [Settings] Enable ‘Adjust Speed Dial animations for slower hardware’ settings option to have effect
  • DNA-103098 [SD] No big icon for decathlon.pl
  • DNA-103110 Strange animation when dragging tiles
  • DNA-103112 [Continue on] Offers opened on current tab
  • DNA-103116 [Continue on] Not possible to drag tiles from continue on section
  • DNA-103131 [Feedback] Implement ‘Rate Opera’ element and modal
  • DNA-103193 [SD][Edit] Set OK button to read only when typed in address is invalid
  • DNA-103293 [SD][Add to Opera] ‘/’ added in autocomplete for URL
  • DNA-103360 [SD][Add to Opera] Tile graphic does not update automatically when adding suggestion through Add to Opera modal
  • DNA-103393 [Continue on] Start page needs to be reloaded in order to show “Continue on” section
  • DNA-103545 [Banner] Wide banner have no background
  • DNA-103550 [Banners] Black Friday deals promoted on Start Page with related settings off
  • DNA-103569 No margin under suggested speed dials
  • DNA-103578 [SD] Impressions should be reported every time user comes back to start page tab
  • DNA-103593 [Navigation] Change which elements on start page are possible to navigate through with keyboard shortcuts
  • DNA-103595 [Navigation] Show which element is focused when navigating with keyboard shortcuts
  • DNA-103605 Dark stripe blinks in Speed Dial Search box when changing color mode
  • DNA-103618 [SD][Folder] Not possible to drag SD into empty folder
  • DNA-103619 [SD][Suggestions] Blue border on tile when it is being dragged
  • DNA-103678 Font modification from themes not applied
  • DNA-103723 [SD][Folders][Edit] Confirm change to SD folder name with Enter key
  • DNA-103738 Disable Updater diagnostic metrics that surpass session lifetime and verify if it solves DNA-102940
  • DNA-103739 Try to record metrics disabled in DNA-103738 in histograms.
  • DNA-103759 [SD][Add to Opera] Wrong position of Add to Opera button
  • DNA-103781 [News Categories] Choose language and country shows options in 2 columns instead of adapting to wider window
  • DNA-103787 [Continue on] No margin between search box and continue on section
  • DNA-103908 [Search box] Blurred text in search box suggestions in dark theme
  • DNA-103909 [SD] Not possible to drop SD in empty place when hovering over edge of other tile
  • DNA-103911 [SD][Add to Opera] Modal dialog stays open after adding suggestion to SD
  • DNA-103915 [SD][Folders] Difficult to drop SD from start page between SD in folder
  • DNA-103932 [SD][Add to Opera] Remove https://www and / from tile title when adding SD
  • DNA-103933 [SD][Add to Opera] Do not return focus to the end of the URL after pressing backspace when editing it
  • DNA-104005 Change activation pop-up
  • DNA-104035 [SD] Browser crashes when dragging tiles with fresh profile
  • DNA-104040 Can not drag tile to open folder
  • DNA-104049 Can not drag suggestion when only [+] tile and no speed dials
  • DNA-104053 Right mouse click open speed dial instead of context menu
  • DNA-104055 News article opens in active tab
  • DNA-104080 Tab not activated after opening speed dial folder in new tabs
  • DNA-104088 Create new welcome pop-up for Rich Hints
  • DNA-104139 [Weather] Long time to load Weather widget after browser was running for some time
  • DNA-104141 [News] Improve news loading UX
  • DNA-104167 Add feature flag #speed-dial-custom-image
  • DNA-104168 Allow setting custom image for Speed Dial
  • DNA-104196 [News Categories] News categories do not work
  • DNA-104201 Set back Baidu as default search engine in China
  • DNA-104218 [Search box] Search engine icon does not change
  • DNA-104251 Add option to reset to default icon
  • DNA-104256 [Suggestions][ContinueOn][AMG] Scroll button does not update its visibility when resizing window
  • DNA-104277 [Win] SD and News tiles get blue border with –focus-outline
  • DNA-104313 Search bar on Speed Dials doesn’t fit it size
  • DNA-104353 [Mac] No hover state on traffic light buttons
  • DNA-104382 Shopping corner is unredible in light theme and dark wallpaper