xplorer² リリース

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Released Dec 29, 2022

Noteworthy changes / Bug fixes

* [P] custom xplorerツイ context submenu shows also when you right click "nowhere" (on a view pane's background). You may add in there menu commands that don't rely on items selected

* The new titlebar "drivebar" (drop-down menu really, see below) includes an item for THIS PC folder that lets you access other non-filesystem connected devices (phones etc)

* [P] A keyboard-only command (ID= 33542) switches the quickfilter box from filter to search mode (and vice-versa). Use CUSTOMIZE > KEYBOARD menu to assign a keyboard shortcut to it; for new installations it is <CTRL+ALT + W>. This way you can easily switch modes, both filter and search are useful.
There is another keyboard-only command that sets the focus to the quick filter box, ID number is 33250. 

* TOOLS > ADVANCED OPTIONS menu command starts the external settings editor in the correct layout, in case you are in a non-default layout (see WINDOW menu)

* [P] CLEAR button in all filter-type dialogs (e.g. FindFiles) sends the focus to NAMED field so you can start typing something immediately

* a few more multimonitor DPI corrections.

* editorツイ v2.99 darkens its main window whenever a dialog pops up to assist focusing. This is controlled by bShadeFocus registry switch