qBittorrent 4.5.0 リリース

qBittorrent はクロスプラットフォームのフリーオープンソースソフトウェアのBitTorrentクライアント、C++で記述されたネイティブアプリケーションである。それは、Boost、Qtツールキット(バージョン 4 or 5)、libtorrent -rasterbarライブラリ(torrentバックエンドのため)を使用して作られている。オプションの検索エンジンはPythonで記述されている。
ファッション雑誌No.1 宝島社公式通販サイト『宝島チャンネル』

qBittorrent 4.5.0

Version 4.5.0
Released Nov 27, 2022

Noteworthy changes / Bug fixes

  • FEATURE: Add Auto resize columns functionality (Chocobo1)
  • FEATURE: Allow to use Category paths in Manual mode (glassez)
  • FEATURE: Allow to disable Automatic mode when default “temp” path changed (glassez)
  • FEATURE: Add tuning options related to performance warnings (Chocobo1)
  • FEATURE: Add right click menu for status filters (An0n)
  • FEATURE: Allow setting the number of maximum active checking torrents (An0n)
  • FEATURE: Add option to toggle filters sidebar (AbeniMatteo)
  • FEATURE: Allow to set working set limit on non-Windows OS (Chocobo1)
  • FEATURE: Add Export .torrent action (Chocobo1)
  • FEATURE: Add keyboard navigation keys (itlezy)
  • FEATURE: Allow to use POSIX-compliant disk IO type (Coda)
  • FEATURE: Add Filter files field in new torrent dialog (thalieht)
  • FEATURE: Implement new icon/color theme (now-im, xavier2k6)
  • FEATURE: Add file name filter/blacklist (mxtsdev, thalieht)
  • FEATURE: Add support for custom SMTP ports (Emil M George)
  • FEATURE: Split the OS cache settings into Disk IO read/write modes (summer)
  • FEATURE: When duplicate torrent is added set metadata to existing one (glassez)
  • FEATURE: Greatly improve startup time with many torrents (glassez, jagannatharjun)
  • FEATURE: Add keyboard shortcut to Download URL dialog (Chocobo1)
  • FEATURE: Add ability to run external program on torrent added (glassez)
  • FEATURE: Add infohash and download path columns (tristanleboss)
  • FEATURE: Allow to set torrent stop condition (glassez, thalieht)
  • FEATURE: Add a Moving status filter (tristanleboss)
  • FEATURE: Change color palettes for both dark, light themes (Chocobo1)
  • FEATURE: Add a Use proxy for hostname lookup option (Nathan Lewis)
  • FEATURE: Introduce a change listen port cmd option (BallsOfSpaghetti)
  • FEATURE: Implement Peer ID Client column for Peers tab (Hanabishi)
  • FEATURE: Add port forwarding option for embedded tracker (Chocobo1)
  • BUGFIX: Store hybrid torrents using torrent ID as basename (glassez)
  • BUGFIX: Enable Combobox editor for the Mixed file download priority (Aleksandr Cupacenko)
  • BUGFIX: Allow shortcut folders for the Open and Save directory dialogs (Aleksandr Cupacenko)
  • BUGFIX: Rename content tab Size column to Total Size (Aleksandr Cupacenko)
  • BUGFIX: Fix scrolling to the lowermost visible torrent (Aleksandr Cupacenko)
  • BUGFIX: Allow changing file priorities for finished torrents (An0n)
  • BUGFIX: Focus save path when Manual mode is selected initially (Aleksandr Cupacenko)
  • BUGFIX: Disable force reannounce when it is not possible (An0n)
  • BUGFIX: Add horizontal scrolling for tracker list and torrent content (NotTsunami)
  • BUGFIX: Enlarge “speed limits” icons (Chocobo1)
  • BUGFIX: Change Downloaded to Times Downloaded in trackers tab (An0n)
  • BUGFIX: Remove artificial max limits from Torrent Queueing related options (Chocobo1)
  • BUGFIX: Preserve skip hash check when there is no metadata (glassez)
  • BUGFIX: Fix DHT/PeX/LSD status when it is globally disabled (Kacper Michajłow)
  • BUGFIX: Fix rate calculation when interval is too low (glassez)
  • BUGFIX: Add tooltip message when system tray icon isn’t available (Chocobo1)
  • BUGFIX: Improve sender field in mail notifications (Dmitry Vodopyanov)
  • BUGFIX: Fix “Add torrent dialog” spill-over on smaller screens (Chocobo1)
  • BUGFIX: Fix peer count issue when tracker responds with zero figure (summer)
  • BUGFIX: Don’t merge trackers by default (glassez)
  • BUGFIX: Don’t inhibit system sleep/auto shutdown for torrents stuck at downloading metadata (summer)
  • BUGFIX: Allow to pause a checking torrent from context menu (summer)
  • BUGFIX: Allow to use subnet notation in reverse proxy list (Chocobo1)
  • BUGFIX: Fine tune translations loading for Chinese locales (sledgehammer999)
  • BUGFIX: Fix torrent content checkboxes not updated properly (Chocobo1)
  • BUGFIX: Correctly load state of Use another path for incomplete torrents in Watched folders (glassez)
  • BUGFIX: Add confirmation to resume/pause all (BallsOfSpaghetti)
  • BUGFIX: Fix wrong count of errored trackers (Chocobo1)
  • WEBUI: Allow blank lines in multipart form-data input (Aleksandr Cupacenko)
  • WEBUI: Make various dialogs resizable (Chocobo1)
  • WEBUI: Fix wrong v2 hash string displayed (Chocobo1)
  • WEBUI: WebAPI: return correct status (Requi)
  • WEBUI: Fix empty selection in language combobox (Chocobo1)
  • WEBUI: Store WebUI port setting in human readable number (Chocobo1)
  • WEBUI: Add support for exporting .torrent (Tom Piccirello)
  • WEBUI: WebAPI: Add endpoint to set speed limit mode (glassez)
  • WEBUI: Improve progress bar rendering (Mike Lei)
  • WEBUI: Add transfer list refresh interval settings (summer)
  • WEBUI: Use natural sort (Chocobo1)
  • WEBUI: Apply i18n translation only to built-in WebUI (Chocobo1)
  • WEBUI: Alert when HTTPS settings are incomplete (Chocobo1)
  • WEBUI: Handle drag and drop events (Chocobo1)
  • WEBUI: Fix wrong behavior for shutdown action (Chocobo1)
  • WEBUI: Don’t disable combobox for file priority (Chocobo1)
  • RSS: Increase limit of maximum number of articles per feed (summer)
  • WINDOWS: Fix Open destination folder delay on Windows (Andrew)
  • WINDOWS: NSIS: Update Russian, Estonian, Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese BR, German and Indonesian translations (Andrei Stepanov, Priit Uring, maboroshin, Thomas De Rocker, Ícaro, schnurlos, Faisal A. F. Rahman)
  • LINUX: Mark as single window app in .desktop file (Nicolas Fella)
  • LINUX: Add Dockerfile (Amanuense-del-diavolo, Tom Piccirello, Chocobo1)
  • LINUX: Remove option of using icons from system theme (now-im)
  • MACOS: Fix wrong background color in properties widget (NotTsunami)
  • OTHER: Binary distributions of qbittorrent are GPLv3+ licensed (sledgehammer999)