Zoom Player MAX 17.1 Build 1710 リリース

Zoom PlayerはWindowsのメディアプレーヤーの中で最もパワフルで、柔軟かつカスタムが豊富な最高のメディアプレーヤーです。多くの形式に対応しながらも、動画を安定して再生することができ、ユーザーに高画質かつ安定した再生環境をお届けします。
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Zoom Player MAX 17.1 Build 1710

Version 17.1 Build 1710
Released Nov –, 2022

Noteworthy changes / Bug fixes
* New “Display unwatched counter on TV Show category folders” setting
(Adv. Options / Interface / Fullscreen Navigation / Thumbnail Cust.)
that counts the number of unwatched episodes in “TV Show” categories
and displays the count in a corner on the folder’s thumbnail.

* Full customization for the TV Show unwatched counter:
1. Size (relative to thumbnail)
2. Margins (relative to Size)
3. Font Color
4. Background Color

* New “Display thumbnail season progression bar” setting (Adv. Options /
Interface / Fullscreen Navigation / Thumbnail Cust.) that shows a
season progression bar (similar to the last play position bar) in
TV Show category based on the number of watched/unwatched episodes
in a folder.

* New “Reset” option in each individual media library filtering mode
(Genre, Tag and Collection).

* Two new Pixel Shader scripts you can use with MadVR as the video
renderer to flip the video both horizontally and vertically.

+ Filtering the media library will now reset the selected entry to the
first item, unless the “Auto-select last viewed file/folder on
entering a folder” setting is enabled, in which case the last viewed
file or folder is selected automatically.

+ If you previously used a download tracking plugin, you must now
re-enable it. Plugins were previously enabled by default which
could have caused delays when exiting Zoom Player.

+ Having ZP set to automatically show the media library when opening
will no longer show the media library if a media was set to load
using the command line.

+ Zoom Player will no longer display the default background image if
a media is set to load via command line, removing the slight flicker
of the image and slightly speeding up load time.

– Setting Zoom Player to pre-load fullscreen navigation graphics while
trying to play a media from command line could cause ZP to freeze.

– When taking a screenshot of the playing video (Alt+F), the generated
filename included a wrong position value (just the file name, the
image was taken from the correct position).

– The “Stop function closes streaming media (instead of just stopping)”
setting was accidentally applied to every playing media and not only
live streams.

– Fixed a bug that would break URL links in the active playlist when
closing and then re-opening Zoom Player.