Stellarium 1.22.4 リリース

Stellariumは、Linux、Windows、macOSで動作しGNU General Public Licenseで提供しているプラネタリウムフリーソフトウェアである。 夜空の実時間処理レンダリングにOpenGLを採用している。2006年にSourceForgeの「今月のプロジェクト」に選ばれた。
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Stellarium 1.22.4

Version 1.22.4
Released Oct 31, 2022

Noteworthy changes / Bug fixes

Full list of changes:

  • Added support OpenGL 3.3 Core profile
  • Added support for the versioned variant of ShowMySky library
  • Added ability to show only special nomenclature points (GH: #2748)
  • Added Abort slew button into Telescope Control plugin
  • Added aberration to CustomObjects made from Simbad queries (GH: #2769)
  • Added donation link to AppStream Metadata (GH: #2773)
  • Added small tuning for DSO selection without magnitudes (GH: #2701#2716)
  • Added another vanished timezone
  • Added workaround for QTBUG-105984 in macOS (GH: #2785)
  • Fixed loading of glow texture in OnlineQueries plugin
  • Fixed compiling with Qt 6.4: use QString instead of QByteArray (GH: #2709)
  • Fixed OnlineQueries plugin button: redesigned OnlineQueries icons (GH: #2710#2714)
  • Fixed building Stellarium with -DENABLE_MEDIA=Off option
  • Fixed using of OpenGL debug logger
  • Fixed AppVerName variable for Windows installer (GH: #2728)
  • Fixed crash in AtmosphereShowMySky constructor when OpenGL 3.3 functions pointer is null
  • Fixed loading dynamic plugins (GH: #2725)
  • Fixed bundling for the versioned variant of ShowMySky library on macOS
  • Fixed resizing tab names in Help window when language is changed
  • Fixed a missing iterator count-up(!) in SlewDialog (Telescope Control plugin)
  • Fixed saving option “Use horizontal coordinates” in Oculars plugin
  • Fixed saving mount properties in Telescope Control plugin (GH: #2713)
  • Fixed protocol for screenshots URL
  • Fixed bundling latest versions of ShowMySky library (GH: #2761#2779)
  • Fixed normals map of the Moon, increase its resolution and implement shadows (GH: #2781)
  • Fixed issue in unit testing of scripting engine (GH: #2774)
  • Fixed freezing Stellarium when scripts are running (GH: #2792)
  • Changed core: make Date&Time dialog more usable for typing date
  • Changed core: optional support XLSX files (GH: #2723)
  • Changed core: avoid deprecation warnings on Qt5.14+
  • Changed core: avoid a debug output
  • Changed core: avoid uninitialized vectors
  • Changed core: replace world map with a higher-resolution version (The map was taken from NASA Blue Marble Next Generation dataset for July 2004) (GH: #2742)
  • Changed core: handle exceptions from AtmosphereRenderer when drawing
  • Changed core: current atmosphere should be deleted immediately if we need to reset to fallback
  • Changed core: handle the options that set environment variables before QGuiApplication is created
  • Changed core: detect OpenGL ES mode dynamically rather than by conditional compilation
  • Changed core: make orbits antialiased
  • Changed core: simplify check for GLES
  • Changed ASCOM client in Telescope Control plugin
  • Changed core: switch to use CalcMySky v0.2.1
  • Changed core: restore current OpenGL context if it got replaced after window resize during StelMainView::init()
  • Changed core: avoid GL_INVALID_OPERATION caused by operating on zero VAO
  • Changed core: move dithering mode management from StelPainter to StelCore
  • Changed rules for packaging Stellarium in Windows
  • Changed rules for packaging Stellarium in Linux
  • Changed license info for Boorong sky culture
  • Changed license info for Lokono sky culture
  • Changed GUI: allow user CSS (GH: #2772#678#1624#2763)
  • Changed Telescope Control plugin: trivial simplifications)
  • Updated scripts
  • Updated list of default locations
  • Updated default catalog of pulsars
  • Updated GUI: set date delimiters in Date-Time dialog in one place
  • Updated GUI of Telescope Control plugin
  • Updated list of default locations
  • Updated description of Equation of Time plugin
  • Updated AppStream Metadata
  • Removed outdated bookmark in Solar System Editor plugin
  • Removed languages without translators
  • Removed Dakota & Ojibwe sky cultures: this is on request of the original contributors, and following a misunderstanding about licensing.
  • Removed the font hook for Windows