WinMerge 2.16.24 リリース

WinMerge(ウィンマージ)は、複数のファイルやフォルダー(ディレクトリ)を比較し、その差分表示やマージをする機能を持つ、Microsoft Windows用のオープンソースソフトウェアである。

WinMerge 2.16.24

Version 2.16.24
Released Oct 22, 2022

Noteworthy changes / Bug fixes


  • BugFix: Fixed crash when displaying file menu if jump list contains invalid
    title ( #45916)

File compare

  • Changed operation of displaying dialogs and context menus from status
    bar from double-click to single-click.

Table compare

  • BugFix: when TSV files were displayed in table mode with word wrap enabled,
    clicking on a character would not move the caret to that character’s

Folder compare

  • Fixed memory leak in folder comparison when PDF files
    were targeted for image comparison.

Options dialog

  • Improved translation regarding CPU cores (PR #1513)

Select Files or Folders dialog

  • Made it possible to specify Prediffer plugin


  • BugFix: Select Plugin dialog: Fixed that “Display all plugins”
    checkbox did not work

Project file

  • BugFix: Fixed comparison failure when left file path and right
    file path in project file are URLs.
  • Allow saving following in project file.
    • Description
    • Window type
    • Table delimiter

Patch Generator dialog

  • BugFix: The command line section in the generated patch file was garbled
    ( #45935)


  • BugFix: Fix an issue where the following message displayed when two files
    are identical in a 3-way folder comparison is not translated. (PR #1535)
  • Translation updates:


  • BugFix: Fixed English verbiage (PR #1499)
  • BugFix: typo fixed in (PR #1504)
  • BugFix: Fix typo in lwdisp.c (PR #1515)