calibre 6.7.1 リリース


calibre 6.7.1

Version 6.7.1
Released Oct 14, 2022

Noteworthy changes / Bug fixes

New features

  • Template language: A new “Python template mode” which allows using arbitrary Python code in templates
  • Tag browser: Allow removing format from selected books by right clicking on the format in the Tag browser

    Closes tickets: 1992273

  • E-book viewer: Ask for confirmation when creating a highlight that will overwrite existing highlights

    Closes tickets: 1991597

  • Book list: Allow changing column widths via a dedicated dialog by right clicking on column headers

Bug fixes

  • E-book viewer: Fix a regression that broke adding of new lookup sources

    Closes tickets: 1992278

  • E-book viewer: Fix copy to clipboard not ignoring text from elements that are marked as non user selectable

    Closes tickets: 1991504

  • Content server: When adding books, run all file type plugins before reading metadata

    Closes tickets: 1992244

  • Edit book: Preview panel: In dark mode when all of the background/foreground/link colors are set to “No change” do not render the book using dark colors
  • Version 6.7.1 fixes a regression in the previous release that broke the delete specific format from book function

Improved news sources

  • The Athletic
  • der Standard
  • The Economic Times India Print Edition
  • Indian Express
  • India Today Magazine
  • Caravan Magazine