Tor Browser 11.5.4 リリース

Tor Browser(トーアブラウザ)は、匿名化ネットワークTorを経由してインターネットへアクセスする為のオープンソースのウェブブラウザである。利用者に高度な匿名性を提供し、インターネット検閲の回避や、プライバシー保護などの目的で使われる。Tor Browserは、Torへアクセスする最も簡単な方法である。

Tor Browser 11.5.4

Version 11.5.4
Released Oct 11, 2022

Noteworthy changes / Bug fixes

All Platforms

  • Bug tor-browser-build#40629: Bump snowflake version to 9ce1de4eee4e
  • Bug tor-browser-build#40633: Remove Team Cymru hard-coded bridges
  • Bug tor-browser#41326: Update preference for remoteRecipes

Windows + macOS + Linux

  • Bug tor-browser-build#40624: Change placeholder bridge addresses to make snowflake and meek work with ReachableAddresses/FascistFirewall
  • Bug tor-browser#41303: YEC 2022 Takeover for Desktop Stable
  • Bug tor-browser#41310: Backport ESR 102.3 security fixes to 91.13-based Tor Browser
  • Bug tor-browser#41323: Tor-ify notification bar gradient colors (branding)
  • Bug tor-browser#41338: The arrow on the search bar should be flipped for RTL languages

Windows + macOS

  • Bug tor-browser#41307: font whitelist typos


  • Updated GeckoView to 102.3.0esr
  • Bug tor-browser#41089: Add tor-browser build scripts + Makefile to tor-browser
  • Bug tor-browser#41094: Enable HTTPS-Only Mode by default in Tor Browser Android
  • Bug tor-browser#41159: Remove HTTPS-Everywhere extension from esr102-based Tor Browser Android
  • Bug tor-browser#41166: Backport fix for CVE-2022-36317: Long URL would hang Firefox for Android (Bug 1759951)
  • Bug tor-browser#41167: Backport fix for CVE-2022-38474: Recording notification not shown when microphone was recording on Android (Bug 1719511)
  • Bug tor-browser#41302: YEC 2022 Takeover for Android Stable
  • Bug tor-browser#41312: Backport Firefox 105 Android security fixes to 102.3-based Tor Browser
  • Bug tor-browser#41314: Add YEC 2022 strings to torbutton and fenix

Build System


  • Update Go to 1.18.7