calibre 6.1 リリース


calibre 6.1

Version 6.1
Released July 16, 2022

Noteworthy changes / Bug fixes

・Full text search: Add a button to re-index a book, useful if the book’s contents have been changed outside calibre
・Search queries now support quoting using “docstrings” for easier escaping
・Linux installer: Check for libEGL as the QtGui module in Qt 6 links against it and many Linux servers dont have it installed
・macOS: Blacklist older versions of the DeDRM plugin as they caused crashes and failures to add books.
・Fix a regression in 6.0 that caused crashes in the Manage authors dialog
・Fix a regression in 6.0 that broke touch screen interaction
・Fix a regression in 6.0 that caused a few checkboxes to stop working
・Linux: Fix a regression in 6.0 that broke handling of mouse clicks on some Wayland systems with a touchpad
・ToC Editor: Fix a regression in 6.0 that broke styling/images in the preview panel
・Windows: Fix window titlebars not dark in dark mode
・Full text search: Show a warning when indexing/searching a library on an FAT drive
・News download: Do not add aborted/failed article titles to the comments metadata
・Full text search: Fix books edited with the Edit book tool not being automatically re-indexed
・HTML Input: Fix handling of deeply nested files on Windows
・Fix a regression preventing using a non-integer value for the tweak to change book details font size
・Fix moving library not moving the full text search index
・Fix some custom icons in the calibre config directory not overriding the theme/builtin icons
・Linux installer: Fix glibc version check also being done when installing older versions
・Windows installer: Refuse to install on Windows 8 as thanks to Qt 6 calibre 6 does not work on Windows 8
・Update the BigBookSearch metadata plugin for website changes