Pale Moon 31.1.1 リリース

Pale Moon(ペイル・ムーン)は、Goannaレンダリングエンジンで動くオープンソースウェブブラウザ。初めてのバージョンリリースは2009年。

Pale Moon 31.1.1

Version 31.1.1
Released July 7, 2022

Noteworthy changes / Bug fixes

・Updated the list of blocked external protocol handlers to combat abuse of OS-supplied services on Windows.
・Fixed a potential issue with revoked site certificates when connecting through a proxy.
・Updated NSS to 3.52.7 to pick up some security fixes.
・Updated site-specific user agent overrides to work around bad sniffing practices of dropbox and vimeo.
・Security issues addressed: CVE-2022-34478, CVE-2022-34476, CVE-2022-34480 DiD, CVE-2022-34472, CVE-2022-34475 DiD, CVE-2022-34473 DiD, CVE-2022-34481 and a memory safety issue that doesn’t have a CVE number.
・UXP Mozilla security patch summary: 4 fixed, 4 DiD, 2 rejected, 11 not applicable.