JRiver Media Center 29.0.67 リリース

「JRiver Media Center」は、オーディオ技術者も認める高音質なメディアプレーヤーです。

JRiver Media Center 29.0.67

Version 29.0.67
Released June 30, 2022

Noteworthy changes / Bug fixes

・Changed: Expanded options to repeat EPG loading every 2, 3, or 7 days.
・Fixed: Handheld filename rules with a dot did not work nicely as everything after the dot was read as the extension.
・Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Bytestar).
・NEW: Zooming and center shifting of video position during live TV playback will cause these properties to be saved for the TV channel so that the same will be applied the next time the channel is played.

・変更: ドイツ語の翻訳ファイルを更新しました(Bytestarさんありがとうございます)。